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Regarding tonight's livestream, Midwest Solar Help

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02 Jul 2020 02:05 #4726 by Daniel
To C Mi and Lynne (and all who read):
I posted on the live stream this evening and want to help get you a solar system set up. Let me know where you currently stand, and I'll try and help you go from there. I will reference a lot of solar resources (For example, Google's Project Sunroof), and then suggest equipment, wires, tools, and tips for you. I will check back on this page mid-morning tomorrow, July 2.

A few things to think of:
The sun rises to around 25 degrees above the horizon in winter, and 75 degrees in summer. Would trees block direct sunlight to your solar panels most of the day?
Will you want a permanent, still fixture or one which automatically/manually adjusts daily/seasonally?
Do you want HVAC? Refrigerators?
If this is for a cabin, will it be used year-round?
In the Midwest, we typically go long periods with cold, cloudy days- once lasting for 3 weeks in recent memory. Because of this it's pretty important to have big battery systems, AND a plan in place to conserve/resupply energy in an emergency.

I look forward to helping you however I can.

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