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What's for dinner - ideas

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01 Jun 2020 07:24 #4438 by trail
What's for dinner - ideas was created by trail
Even though Recipes Subtopic makes space for dinner ideas, this thread is for quick-n-easy, how to bring variety, how to set up cupboard so you won't be stuck for meal solutions.

>Replied by Nikki on topic Stored canning supplies
"I too am stumped at the "what's for dinner" question... and I live alone. Maybe we can start a recipe chain. We can post our favorite pantry recipes. I made Chinese egg rolls for the first time Saturday. They aren't bad. Made burritos the week before."

If keeping a lot of spices handy, you can bring different flavors to basics. --find the spices, and throw in what's around.

Spices have antimicrobial properties, oils, dense nutrients... so our cravings might be about what we need from the spices.

(clove, oregano, thyme, cinnamon, cumin, onion, garlic— antibacterial/antifungal)


Kids tend to like less spice, less complicated mixtues
One of my quick solutions is peas-n-cheese. Frozen peas in a paper cup, add cheese, warm in microwave. Any vegetables will do.
On a hot day, pull out a freezer bag of corn and munch on cold chewy kernels.

I try to keep protein+vegetable in mind with any meal, and anything else fills in gaps.
If I don't trust myself, I'll throw a handful of spinach in the blender with water, and drink it.

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