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Yesterday my 6 hens gave me 6 eggs

25 May 2020 15:46 - 25 May 2020 15:49 #4406 by Kansas Terri
Yesterday my 6 hens gave me 6 eggs was created by Kansas Terri
We re getting more than my husband and I can eat, and so I broke a dozen or so eggs into a skillet that was well-sprayed with PAM and I will give that to the hens later today. My husband used to give the extra eggs away at the office, but, the office staff have all been sent to work at home because of COVID.

Well, bought layer pellets here are only 16% protein, while a hard-working hen needs 18% protein, and so feeding them the extra eggs will give them a nutritional boost.

Yesterday I made a low-sugar chocolate pudding that used 3 egg yolks and the day before that I made a plateful of deviled eggs, but, we simply cannot use so many eggs!

For my low-sugar pudding I simply substituted semi-sweet baking chocolate (higher in fat than chocolate chips) and I stirred in 12 packets of nutrasweet after the pudding had cooled enough. It was good pudding! It was meant to be put into a pie but we ate it straight.

When COVID first started we bought 5 months worth of feed, and we have used about 1/3 of it. I do not know what will happen if we get a second wave this Fall, but, security is a back yard that produces calories. Our spring was so cold that the lettuce was ruined and the tropicals are simply not growing, but the potatos, onions, and chickens are doing VERY well!
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01 Jun 2020 15:35 #4443 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Yesterday my 6 hens gave me 6 eggs
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