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Looking for others doing similar - meat raisers

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05 Jan 2021 18:16 #5843 by OregonRose
Hi there!
I'm wanting to connect with others on here who are raising their own meat. We've finally in the last year gotten to the place where we no longer buy meat at the grocery store. I'm really really pleased. We are successfully raising turkeys, meat and egg chickens, meat and egg quails, hogs and rabbits. We aren't planning on having larger animals, although I bartered for half a steer this year also. I can a lot of meat as well as freeze it, and I make jerky. We actually are selling meat too so it's helping to cover costs :) Anyone else doing something similar? My goal is to buy as few groceries as possible. Always a work in progress :)

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13 Jan 2021 23:51 #5929 by trail
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