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Weight and volume

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23 Jun 2019 20:57 #1893 by TikaCalifornia
Weight and volume was created by TikaCalifornia
Hello everyone.

We use various ways of prepping our beans and rice and other dry goods. I buy in pounds since that's the way our local WinCo sells and yet I store in mason jars - ususally quart and half gallon. Today, I went out for more preps because I was out of some things altogether and had run low on some others. (No worry! I have plenty of preps.) I am going to put together an excel sheet on these components and their volumes but today I have these:

Small Red Beans - 2 quarts 3.06 pounds
Black Turtle Beans - 2 quarts - 3.18 pounds
Old Fashioned Rolled Oats 2 quarts 1.73 pounds
Converted Rice 2 quarts 3.11 pounds
Instant Potatoes 1 quart 0.48 pounds
Red Kidney beans 2 quarts 2.98 pounds
Veggie soup mix 1.5 pints 0.6 pounds
Chia Seed 1 pint 0.66 pounds

My take-away is that beans and rice are about 3 Pounds per half gallon and oats about 1 and three quarters per half gallon.
I'll try looking up some other things as well. I did not need any pasta or other spices this week, but I did notice that McCormick's sells this tiny little bottle of sage for something like $5.00 and it's $6.24/lb in the bulk spice section. WinCo also has awesome prep stuff. They had MRE's and bucket lids and oxygen absorbers and some #10 canned long-term items, but I was not in the market for those resources today. Also, they will not weigh your bulk food items in mason jars, so there is plastic waste going on but it's not horrid.

I hope this helps.
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