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I had a can of beans from Wal-mart fail

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09 Aug 2021 18:15 #6130 by Kansas Terri
I had a can of beans from Wal-mart fail was created by Kansas Terri
A can of beans failed, and it oozed liquid all over the other cans. It should not have failed, as it was only bought a year ago from Wal-mart but fail it did

One good things was that I had not removed the plastic from the case on the bottom, and so those cans remained clean. It did ooze along the plastic and get on the bottom of the cans directly on top of it

Another good thing that I did was to place waxed paper under all of the cans, which meant that the shelves were not stained other than a spot or two

I knew that cans of tomatos can sometimes fail because of the acid in the food: It just surprised me that a one year old can of black beans from Wal Mart might fail

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