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Making your own dried food pre-made meals

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14 Mar 2019 11:27 #710 by SurvivalPrepping101
Making your own dried food pre-made meals was created by SurvivalPrepping101
I found an excellent site with numerous recipes of how to make your own dried food packages using everyday store-bought items. Essentially, you just get all the dry ingredients together including vegetables, flavorings, beans, pasta, rice, legumes, etc.. Simple to make and to use. Just assemble the dry ingredients accordingly, store in ziplock bags and label, and then when you are ready to eat, you just open the bag and pour the contents into boiling water, and cook and stir. These homemade dried food pre-mades are great for camping, hiking, bugout kits and/or everyday use - and of course prepper storage. Here is the link: www.theyummylife.com/Instant_Meals_On_The_Go
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28 Mar 2019 15:29 #882 by TLee
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