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rice storage

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13 Sep 2020 18:20 #5208 by stonyman002
rice storage was created by stonyman002
Just opened some white rice that I put up 6 years ago. Had never put up a lot of rice prior to that and was working with a very limited budget at the time. ( still am working with a very limited budget ) I used 2 quart plastic juice jugs with oxygen absorbers. I felt that if it came with consumable goods from the store then chances are it was food grade plastic. I know some folks say we should not use plastic for long term storage. I just used what I had available at the time. And it seams to have worked. I did not open it to just check it. I opened it because it is my oldest rice in my storage. And I needed some rice in the kitchen. It has been kept in a box, in the closet, away from sunlight and the elements. When I took the bottle out of the box it felt solid like a brick with no movement of rice in the bottle. I opened the cap and it sounded like I had just opened a soda can as it sucked in air. It was no longer solid and the rice poured right out. I cooked some tonight and it cooked up just fine.

I am not trying to start a debate on how I messed up when I stored my rice in plastic. I am just sharing how I stored rice on a budget 6 years ago and its still as usable as it was when I stored it.
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14 Sep 2020 18:57 #5227 by trail
Replied by trail on topic rice storage
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