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Pocket Constitution (English) - 2020 Printing

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19 May 2020 19:37 #4385 by stonyman002
The U.S. Constitution with the bill of rights.
I have always had a copy that I have referred back to during debates with sheeple. My copy was getting worn and battered so I got to looking on line for a replacement copy. I found this site where you can order 1 copy for $1.00 with free shipping. The more copies you buy the less expensive they get. My first order I got 100 copies for $44.00. I give them away because they don't teach this in a lot of schools any more and I think that's sad. I tell folks that I bought the first batch out of pocket and I would not turn down a dollar donation towards the second batch. Donations have been good the next batch will be more.

I was at a county commissioner's meeting one time and a friend was given a chance to speak and he read straight from the U.S. Constitution to explain why... what they were trying to pass was unconstitutional. The county commissioner's didn't care for his speech but it got the crowd fired up.... LOL

It's a good thing to know your rights. If we do not stand up for our rights we will wake up one day and not have them.

here the link
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19 May 2020 20:45 #4386 by yetisuncle
Replied by yetisuncle on topic Pocket Constitution (English) - 2020 Printing
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