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27 Mar 2020 17:35 #3581 by trail
bags was created by trail
Last fall I was at an antique/resale store, and the clerk/vendor was selling brown garbage bags for $1 a roll. I remarked at the price, bought a few, and she was so excited to tell me she'd ordered all sorts of plastic bags on Amz for incredible prices -- by large rolls.

Online I bought clear ones, they arrived just fine, strong. Clear are hard to find (lg.) in stores, and I like to pack boxes to be more waterproof, but still visible. There have been things I've moved back and forth between the garage, basement -- which are very humid. So I'm hoping this will safe some grief over moldy smells and damp warping.

On another thread I'd posted about sheer lightweight organza bags, cheese-draining cotton bags, and I've also found the flat cellophane sealable ones for paper.
And lunch bags to pack food inside, if it would otherwise touch plastic. I sound obsessed, but have spent less than I would on a year's worth of regular garbage bags. It has been fun trying different solutions.

I also ordered acrylic pens "for rock painting" so I'll have opaque pens to label food containers. And for playing. Waiting for arrival.

Having too much fun thinking of solutions, experimenting.

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11 Dec 2020 13:43 #5686 by trail
Replied by trail on topic bags
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