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Antimicrobial Copper, Silver, Brass

27 Mar 2020 12:34 #3554 by trail
Copper and silver are actively antimicrobial (brass as copper alloy).

Through centuries they were used for drinking goblets, silverware, doorknobs, sinks, jewelry... but we have lost that practical angle.
Bright copper kettles and warm woolen mittens.

Both metals in fabrics on Amz, AliExpress, sold as EMF blockers. Thin versions would be great as face masks. Many had long shipping delays.
(I'd experimented with metal lamee a couple years ago for blocking RF for health and security.) Many of the thinner copper fabrics included nickel, which some people get skin reactions from, so add a layer of gauze, organza.. light breathable fabric.

Copper is similar to colloidal silver, but more health risks for ingesting too much copper. Still worth considering dissolving copper for skin cleanliness.
Copper tape used for slugs and electrical, plumbing, stained glass... try putting tape on high-contact areas.

Get on your Tommy Copper gloves. It's not just about arthritis and stinky socks.

Good article on science behind copper/silver:

Copper is also found in azurite, malachite, and turquoise,

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