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Crime and Justice

29 Apr 2020 13:37 - 29 Apr 2020 13:37 #4124 by trail
Crime and Justice was created by trail
Since winter, NYS released certain prisoners at risk of COVID spreading in jails. Sent some to hotels, unguarded. One hotel was right behind elementary school, and five of the prisoners had convictions for sexual abuse of minors.

Over the weekend, elderly couple had passenger window broken at gas station, sounded like gunshot. Quiet neighborhood.

Last night, armed burglary -- felons from last month's COVID prison release.
One released again with ankle monitor-- was arrested four times since COVID-19 shutdown – all felonies.


Meanwhile, we can get up to a year in prison for not social distancing.
Fines dropped from $10,000 max to $2,000. (Masks, gatherings, proximity, stores open after 8, sick in public.)

Nonessential biz activity, imprisonment+fine.
"Each day that there is a non-essential gathering or that a business operates in a manner inconsistent with the Subpart shall constitute a separate violation under this Subpart." $1000 fine per day.


NYS new bail reform releases felons until trial.. then after convicted, releases them from prison so they don't get COVID.
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