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HUGE PROOF of Weaponized Virus and MORE - White House Letter

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12 Feb 2020 00:07 - 12 Feb 2020 04:48 #2719 by PrepperBob
Author verified. Letter remains for "Educational" purposes only. It contains many controversial conspiracy theories. The author was admonished:
Thank you for your response. To answer your question,
1. Letterhead to print seems irregular. cut and paste?
2. I note the "incongruous" tone and form, and grammatical mistakes made in a letter to the White House.
3. The letter seems more of a "Manifesto", politically motivated, rather than a scientific letter to the White House. At times it is 'disjointed', 'digressive'.

The point is to address the current Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak. 2019-nCoV Temporarily named the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, or NCP.
Now known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus Disease 2019), that is killing hundreds of people.
Not to digress into past grudges, name calling, self-promotion.
I find it incredible that the true author would stoop to that and lose sight of the objective.
May I kindly suggest a focused rewrite, in line with the Scientific Method.
The Executive Office of the President and Director Kelvin K. Droegemeire (attached pdf) require input to "help determine the origins of 2019-nCoV,
specifically from an evolutionary/structural biology standpoint". Referenced is the bioRxiv Abstract.
Thank you for your efforts towards that.

This browser does not support PDFs. Please download the PDF to view it: Download PDF

February 10, 2020
Honorable Kelvin K. Droegemeier
Executive Office of the President
Office of Science and Technology Policy
Washington, DC 20502
Honorable Chad Wolf
Acting Secretary
U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

RE: Coronavirus Bioweapon, Media Bioterrorism, and Recommendations to Reduce Risks to Public Health and Safety

Dear Director Droegemeier and Acting Secretary Wolf:
I am responding to Director Droegemeier’s letter of February 3, 2020, requesting the National
Academy of Science to provide a “Rapid Response Assessment . . . that would help determine
the origins of 2019 2019-nCoV, specifically from an evolutionary/structural biology
standpoint;” as well as to Secretary Wolf’s interview on FOX News regarding your administration’s coronavirus defense plans.

Unfortunately, without addressing the liabilities detailed below, your administration may be
hoodwinked, undermined, and diverted from the true origin of this lab virus and appropriate
preventative actions, unnecessarily increasing morbidity, mortality, and public anxiety.
These liabilities include: (1) the laboratory creation of this “novel” 2019 coronavirus (2019
nCoV) to which the AIDS-virus (HIV) envelop gene is attached, as well as the "middle
fragment" encoding a SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) spike protein, both appearing
to have been inserted into the 2019-nCoV virus bioweapon; (2) media censorship of accurate
intelligence addressing the public’s reasonable concerns; (3) erroneous and terrorizing
information being broadcast instead of helpful preventative strategies beyond handwashing and
the use of face masks; (4) the geopolitical and economic correlates and antecedents of the
Wuhan outbreak; and (5) Hawaii’s immigration policies risking mainland transmission.

I advise you here as a Harvard-trained expert in emerging diseases and media communications
who has been heavily persecuted, defamed, and censored for my efforts in advancing origin of
AIDS science, inter alia. I am registered with the U.S. District Court of Hawaii, under Criminal
Justice Act (CJA) provisions, as an expert witness paid to testify on matters of medical
research, biological weaponry and bioterrorism, vaccinology, and public corruption. In
addition to my post-doctoral degree in public health, I am the Editor-in-Chief of Medical
Veritas International, Inc. a 501(c) non-profit; the author of the top-selling book in the field of
Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola; and the recipient of multiple awards for my books and films
in these fields. I have also testified before legislative bodies on the politically-incorrect matter
of vaccination risks, viral recombinants risking genetic damage, pandemics, and cancers,
including the HIV/AIDS cancer complex, HPV/cervical cancers, ZIKA-induced microcephaly,
Ebola’s origin and immune suppression, SARS, H1N1 Swine Flu, and more.
Under the circumstances, and public duty doctrine, I offer you this advice.
1. The 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS recombinant is a lab-created bioweapon
The subject Coronavirus is undoubtedly a lab-engineered bioweapon.
Clear-and-convincing proof of this includes published science issued by nine honorable experts
led by Prashant Pradham, the Chief Technical Officer for IBM in Asia. Pradham’s team used
the WATSON computer to analyze genetic similarities in the coronavirus and other pathogens.
Unmistakably, 2019 nCoV contains a ‘smoking gun’--the AIDS virus envelop gene—prima
facie evidence of a lab virus ‘recombinant’.
This discovery of weaponizing 2019 nCoV with HIV’s attachment mechanism is compounded
by the finding of evolutionary biologist Dr. James Lyons-Weiler of the Institute for Pure and
Applied Knowledge. Dr. Lyons showed the coronavirus' genetic sequence contains a unique
"middle fragment" encoding for a SARS protein inserted to presumably increase respiratory
distress using "pShuttle" technology used exclusively in labs, not nature.
Accordingly, it is unreasonable to presume 2019 nCoV came from bats, snakes, or nature.
Alternatively, we must presumed this germ was manufactured as a bioweapon, and released for
political and commercial gain (i.e., bioterrorism).
It is unknown at present, however, which lab sourced this 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS recombinant.
Given probable cause to presume criminal activity, the Justice Department should begin to
investigate the short list of suspected BSL 3/4 labs, in addition to your having directed the
National Academy of Sciences to look into these matters.
Questions must be raised concerning the 20-mile proximity of the Wuhan “seafood market”
with China’s BSL 4 bioweapons lab. The evidence in hand confirms this 2019
nCoV/HIV/SARS recombinant may not have been produced in Wuhan’s BSL 4 lab, but
alternatively at one of several ‘Deep State’ suspect labs, such as at Johns Hopkins, Harvard,
NYU, the CDC, the Pasteur Institute, or by coronavirus vaccine makers.

Our public duties require us to urgently advance these investigations to make these
determinations, because neglecting these matters invites additional releases; may hamper
efforts to develop cures; and cause more diseases and deaths.
In medicine, accurate diagnosis is required for effective treatment. Diagnosis means “to see
through” to the root of the disorder. The facts in hand compel our presumption that the
bioweapon was loosed to effect political and financial objectives. Therefore, we are urgently
required to investigate the root(s) of this ‘disorder’ in the public and private sectors.
2. Media Censorship of Accurate Intelligence: Failure to Address Reasonable Concerns
A. Media Censorship Conceals Accurate Intelligence and is a Material Fact in Required
Criminal Investigations
Substantial discovery and diagnosis can be made by evaluating media coverage, diversions,
fraudulent concealments, or censorship favoring special interests.
It must be presumed, given the aforementioned facts, and neglect of them by the corporate
controlled media, that widespread censorship and diversionary misinformation surrounding the
coronavirus pandemic provides ‘cover’ for criminal operations.
The media’s and health officials’ political and economic motives for censoring accurate
intelligence is addressed below.
There is precedent for media-wide censorship. The pattern and practice of censoring
politically-incorrect information has been well established, for instance, with publications
critical of vaccinations. Like coronavirus ties to bioweapons labs, this intelligence has been
recklessly dismissed, disparaged, or censored. This censorship is administered by special
interests through public corruption or financial influence, as seen with Rep. Adam Schiff’s
written notices to social media companies Facebook and Google/YouTube to block consumers’
comments opposing vaccination injuries. Likewise, these companies have consistently
censored my publications in this field. This discriminatory animus favors special interests (e.g.,Big Pharma).
The corporate-controlled media has similarly censored the Pradham group’s important determinations.
All news sources have similarly neglected or concealed the coronavirus preparedness
conference held in October, 2019, titled “Event 201” suspiciously predicting virtually all of the
events occurring two months later following the actual release of the bioweapon.
These important facts have also been irresponsibly dismissed or misrepresented by Chinese
officials. According to Zerohedge.com, for example, the director at the Wuhan Institute of
Virology, Shi Zhengli, claimed that Pradham’s group dismissed its own genetic analysis. This
is unreasonable, given the extensive research conducted to find “4 unique inserts in the 2019-
nCoV, all of which have identity/similarity to amino acid residues in key structural proteins of
HIV-1 [each of which are] unlikely to be fortuitous in nature.”

Further evidencing fraudulent concealments and bioterrorism by the complicit media, to date,
all Western media appear to be prejudicially indicting Chinese governors, whereas both
Eastern and Western officials are equally implicated or disadvantaged.
For example, the reported arrest of Chinese doctor, Li Wenliang, is instructive. It evidences
censorship and foul play.
B. Media Censorship Compounds Foul Play (i.e., Bioterrorism)
According to Li Wenliang’s wrongful criminal arrest record, this doctor first identified “7
SARS cases at the Huanan fruits and seafood market in the WeChat group ‘Wuhan University
clinical `04’ on December 30, 2019.”
In a city of 11 million people, with the seafood market 20 miles away from the BSL 4 lab, it is
unreasonable to presume: a) other doctors closer to the lab were not seeing similar cases if the
outbreak occurred from the Wuhan lab; and b) even if other doctors closer to the lab were
censored, or feared reporting the novel respiratory illness, this would not account for the
cluster of 7 cases reported in or around the market, especially given the 2 week incubation
period of the infection spreading from one person to another (had the virus emerged from the
Wuhan lab as suspected at the beginning of December 2019).
In other words, the reported facts and media censorship conceal(s) a most likely release of the
bioweapon at the market, with the Western media correctly blaming Chinese officials for
wrongdoing, while neglecting the common sense conclusion that the bioweapon was loosed at
the market, but not by the Chinese government to its own disadvantage.
The common international media censorship implicates what President Trump refers to as the
“fake news” providers representing the “Deep State” multi-national corporate interests at war
with the President and all sovereign nations.
That is, the suppression of coronavirus science, as with vaccination risks, is part of the pattern
and practice of similarly disregarding the public’s health and safety for commercial and
political gains; and this motive and means to commit bioterrorism is clearly apparent in those
who have been undermining your administration’s interests.
C. Censorship Yields Misplaced Reliance on Corrupted Informants
The public is now aware of the divisions and conflicting interests in the branches of
government hampering your administration’s progress and bipartisan acceptance.
This dissonanace raises reasonable concerns whether or not your reliance on a single
government agency, in this case the National Academy of Sciences, is misplaced.
This concern arises from my 1996 publication of the top-seller in the field of HIV/AIDS titled
Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? That book and related
published science paper was heavily censored along with the discovery that the National
Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, in 1969, responded to the task of developing
AIDS-like and Ebola-like immune-suppressive viruses for germ warfare.

This revelation directly impacts the recognition of the coronavirus being a biological weapon
and lab creation bearing the HIV-1 env gene. According to the Congressional Record,
Tuesday, July 1, 1969, Department of Defense Appropriations for 1970, Ninety-First Congress,
First Session, Subcommittee on Department of Defense Appropriations, Part 5, Research,
Development, and Evaluation, “Synthetic Biological Agents” (p. 129), the AIDS-virus envelop
gene now attached to the 2019 nCoV was part of the construction of the “synthetic” germ we
now call HIV.
That military appropriations request and subsequent contract to develop the AIDS cancer
trigger precisely described the functional equivalent to HIV as well as the Ebola virus. I
subsequently tracked the origin of AIDS and Ebola to the DoD biological weapons contractors
that received that financing. Then I tracked the science to subsequent viral contaminations of
the Merck Drug Co.’s hepatitis B vaccine ‘tested’ in NYC and Central Africa.
These facts—concealed scientific determinations—were completely censored by Deep State
interests, and I was personally and professionally disparaged for outputting this intelligence by
the same intelligence agencies undermining the President’s good intentions—the CIA and FBI under Robert Mueller.
D. The U.S. Law Library of Congress Temporarily Tampered with Material Evidence
Further evidencing this internal conflict in governmental affairs, the following two pages are
noteworthy. These pages show the U.S. Law Library of Congress’s temporarily censored
(tampered with) the most important (material) evidence providing the motive behind the
coronavirus pandemic and bioterror campaign.
The “Global Legal Monitor” published news of the “China: Vaccine Law Passed” on August
27, 2019, that to took effect on December 1, 2019. That is the approximate date of the 2019
nCoV/HIV bioweapon’s first appearance (resulting in the 7-person cluster of cases four weeks
later at the Wuhan market). It appears that someone in the government tampered with this
public record on February 8, 2020 as evidenced by the censored page disappeared by officials,
but recovered from Wayback.org as shown on page 6. The censored record, however, was republished
on-or-about February 9, 2020. This record too appears as follows.
That temporarily tampered legal record makes known that the Chinese government opposed
the commercial interests of Big Pharma. China’s new law: (1) criminalized vaccine
manufacturing and distribution misbehaviors; (2) monopolized the manufacture and
distribution of vaccines in China in favor of the government; (3) pledged free vaccines were to
be exclusively administered to citizens; (4) mandated vaccinations for all Chinese citizens; and
(5) created a compensation program for vaccine injuries. (Compensation, presumably, would
be minimized by the government taking over vaccine manufacturing, distribution, testing and
certification processes, thereby assuring quality, efficacy and safety of vaccines—actions Big
Pharma opposes, albeit allegedly neglects.)
Accordingly, much like the opposition President Trump is experiencing from Democratic Party
leaders financed by Big Pharma/Big Biotech (Deep State) special interests, the Chinese
outbreak of the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon is best viewed as industrial sabotage in
retaliation against the anti-Big Pharma policies of Presidents Trump and Jinping.

These facts give probable cause to consider the Wuhan outbreak as a treasonous threat to U.S.
National Security, international relations with China, industrial espionage, sabotage, and
bioterrorism committed for political and commercial gain.
3. Erroneous and Terrorizing Information Being Broadcast Instead of Helpful
Preventative Strategies Beyond Handwashing and the Use of Face Masks.
It is apparent that prudent health education and self-care motivation through the media to help
families and schools has been recklessly neglected. Such education should begin in
kindergarten, teaching simple self-care practices, and the use of natural remedies such as good
hydration. These preventative practices have even been suppressed and neglected by the media
in favor of the ‘ruling elite’s’ profits.
In addition, alternative healthcare products and services have been disparaged in favor of Big
Pharma. This industry-wide restraint of trade affects the NASA science-developed silver
hydrosols that have proven safe, effective, and economical for augmenting human immunity
against a broad spectrum of infectious diseases. Instead of suppressing these helpful products,
they should be mass produced and distributed by the governments, especially at this time of
urgency where no drugs or vaccines are available to fight the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon.
Furthermore, ‘fast tracking’ costly and risky coronavirus vaccines is imprudent given the fact
the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon is highly unstable, because it is ‘novel,’ new, a
mutagen, likely to recombine readily and often with other viruses, making vaccines
untrustworthy. This is largely why AIDS vaccines have failed.
Similarly, ‘fast tracking’ anti-viral drugs to combat this bioweapon is unlikely to produce a
risk/benefit ratio favorable to public health and safety.
Consequently, I would highly encourage you to research my work advancing the brand called
OxySilverTM that uniquely incorporates structured water that enables the beneficial resonance
energy of 528Hz/nm frequency to be memorized within covalently-bonded silver-oxygen
molecular clusters. This technology, initially advanced by NASA science to keep astronauts
healthy, deserves widespread reliance. Unfortunately, this technology has been wrongly
suppressed and dismissed as “quackery,” “risky,” and “pseudoscience.” This industrial
disparagement and restraint of trade damages public health and disease prevention efforts.
In addition, improvements in nutrition (including Vitamin C that provides anti-viral potency in
mega-doses), aerobic exercising, and bio-energetic technologies, can and should be
recommended to help reduce morbidity, mortality, and the menacing fear the media is
spreading that disables people from exercisng their own defenses and ‘self-efficacy’ in
resisting colds, flus and the coronavirus disease.

4. Geopolitical and Economic Correlates and Antecedents of the Wuhan Outbreak

No pandemic in earth’s history has evolved divorced from major socio-political and economic
As inferred above, coronavirus morbidity, mortality, and terroristic threatening serves political
and economic motives favoring special ‘Deep State’ interests. For instance, contemporaneous
with the Wuhan outbreak:
(a) On October 18, 2019, approximately two months before 2019 nCoV appeared clinically
in Wuhan, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, World Economic Forum, and Johns Hopkins
University, sponsored the “Event 201” exercise predicting nearly precisely the current
coronavirus pandemic and its social, military, political and economic consequences. My
critical review of this “exercise” can be viewed online.
(b) President Trump, who has declared “war” against the Deep State for good cause,
encouraged political and economic policies with China aversive to Bill Gates and other Deep
State/Big Pharma investors. The President secured commercial contracts with China prior to
the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan. The President also campaigned heavily against drug and
vaccine industrialists’ price-gouging.
A ‘pattern-and-practice’ of bioterrorism appears under these circumstances, reflecting on the
2001 anthrax mailings sent to House Majority Leader Tom Daschle and Chairman of the
Senate Judiciary Committee, Patrick Leahy, both of whom sponsored legislation opposing Big
Pharma’s expanding monopoly and price gouging.
In addition, the recent arrest of Harvard Professor Charles Lieber and student Zaosong Zheng
for smuggling viruses to China, according to news reports, omits and neglects the television
networks’ ties to the aforementioned Deep State suspects, operatives, and operations.
For instance, it is public knowledge that President Trump’s opposition in intelligence is
personified by Bill Gates who: (a) disparaged Donald Trump publicly for seeking vaccine
safety science that Gates declared was a “dead end;” (b) lectures on loosing geneticallyengineered
mosquitoes to vector GMO-laced vaccines; (c) allied with Jeffrey Epstein in
financing MIT and Harvard studies in genetics, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology; (d)
promotes (like his father did) eugenics-like depopulation to secure the global elite’s interests
and investments in IBM, IT, AI, 5G, the Cloud, neuroscience, data-mining, and
transhumanism; (e) secured with Microsoft governmental partnerships advancing black ops
leveraging IT technologies central to Silicon Valley, DARPA, the CIA et. al., including actors
at Harvard, Johns Hopkins, NYU, and MIT’s Media Labs; and most obviously, (f) financed
(through Microsoft) Rep. Adam Schiff’s election and attacks against the President—Microsoft
being among Schiff’s leading campaign financiers in 2015-16, along with Facebook and
Google. These suspects have demonstrated extreme un-American and un-Constitutional
censorship and discriminatory animus against citizens seeking vaccine-safety assurances
online, through science, in the courts, and by freedom of the press, especially those criticizing
this corrupted industry.
These parties had the financial and political wherewithal, ‘motive and means,’ to spread the
terrorizing coronavirus and media influence. As published by TIME magazine (Oct. 5, 2018), promoting NYU Shanghei:

How can the Chinese government hope to foster a generation of disruptors in science and business
but not expect them to critically appraise the society around them? What use is fostering critical
thinking in a society that demands blind obedience?
In other words, the coronavirus loosed in China is a means to impose “blind obedience” by the
Chinese government and Trump Administration. For what purpose? “[T]o foster a generation
of disruptors in science and business” that the President accurately describes as the Deep State Swamp.

5. Hawaii’s Immigration Policies Risking Mainland Transmissions.
In recent days, Honolulu, Hawaii has been publicized as one of 11 airports where all flights to
the U.S. from China will be funneled. This policy is especially justified given substantial influx
of Chinese investment in Hawaii real estate, tourism, and immigration.
Acting Secretary Wolf, the President, and I share common Hawaii experiences pursuant to
partisan politics, prejudice, deprivation of rights, and corrupted law enforcement jeopardizing
U.S. National Security. Honolulu and Hilo, where I have resided periodically during the past
fifteen years, are key entry points for drug trafficking from China. This criminal activity is
enabled or administered by enemies of the President that control Hawaii’s Democratic Partyled government.
In Honolulu, for instance, Judge Derrick Watson deprived your administration’s border
security policy, despite Hilo and Honolulu harbors being main gateways for drug, human, and
sex trafficking to the mainland U.S. from the Pacific rim.
Trump opponents in the Hawaii Swamp are heavily invested in the opium trade and vaccine
industry. This fact is best confirmed by reviewing the FBI’s increasing public corruption
records, convictions, and pending criminal cases in Hawaii. Myriad crimes are being
committed by controlling Democratic Party officials, judges, or their appointees.
U.S. Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, for instance, much like Rep. Adam Schiff, received
substantial campaign financing from Deep State drug companies, Pfizer, Merck, Novartis, Eli
Lily, and Bill Gates’s Microsoft. Each legislator conceals vaccine manufacturing risks and
damages opposed by China’s President Jinping and President Trump. Meanwhile, Hawaii State
Senator Roz Baker, chairing the Health Committee, continues to push “mandatory
vaccinations” after being caught in a bribery scandal with Pfizer/Monsanto Lobbyists.
In one case, said to be under FBI investigation, Democratic Party officials on the Big Island of
Hawaii and in Honolulu have been aiding-and-abetting an illegal land theft scheme damaging,
defrauding, and depriving Burisma’s chief competitor in the Ukraine (and Armenia)—the Vitoil
Corporation (controlled by Vitaly and Valery Grigoryants). The criminal operation has been
administered by drug dealers with complicit County of Hawaii officials. The theft scheme has
sabotaged a $500M “Waikoloa Highlands Project” to unjustly enrich the perpetrators. The enterprise
terminated an affordable housing contract damaging at least 80 needy families. Hawaii Democratic
Party officials and law enforcers have aided-and-abetted by willful blindness or direct complicity
these activities, and substantial drug trafficking and money laundering remains ongoing. Their agents
have committed forgeries, securities fraud, real estate thievery and money laundering, (To read an
“Executive Summary” of the facts in evidence, CLICK HERE.)
This criminal activity characterizes the Deep State Swamp controlling the Hawaiian Islands. This
racketeering enterprise and public corruption seriously undermines U.S. National Security in this
strategic military outpost juxtaposed to China.
State coronavirus advisor, Hawaii’s Lieutenant Governor, Josh Green, is a medical doctor. He
currently provides public information to citizens regarding coronavirus preparedness.
Currently, Dr. Green, and his counterpart in the Department of Health, Hawaii’s chief
epidemiologist, Dr. Sara Park, has been leveraging the coronavirus emergency to recommend
influenza vaccines that, according to package inserts and public knowledge, burden citizens’
immune systems. Green’s deceptive trade misrepresents influenza vaccines as a preventative
against the coronavirus. Such malpractice is reasonably expected to increase, not reduce,
morbidity and mortality from the 2019 nCoV/HIV/SARS bioweapon.
Television commercials nightly herald side effects of drugs and vaccines worsened by
immunizations. Yet, Green and Park provide media interviews urging people to get flu
vaccines that are known to compromise, not increase, immune defenses needed against the
I personally know Dr. Green to be a liar, having lied to me about his campaign financing by
pharmaceutical companies. I debated Dr. Green on PBS in 2015, and was appalled by his
ignorance. Since that time, he was elected Lt. Gov. and is currently in charge of coronavirus
preparedness and emergency response along with Dr. Park.


The aforementioned facts evidence criminal activities that challenge U.S. National Security
and the health and safety of the American people. Consequently, I applaud your
Administration’s efforts to bring truth to light concerning the origin of the coronavirus bioweapon.
Under the circumstances, traditionally-trusted academic and scientific bodies can no longer be
trusted without independent review. Those providing scientific advisements to your
administration should be carefully vetted to minimize corrupt influence and special interest bias.
Justice Department officials should, likewise, be directed to urgently investigate the public
corruption and special interests influencing and tainting the legislative and judicial branches of
government and law enforcement, jeopardizing border security and the public’s health and
safety, pursuant to coronavirus preparedness and more. Such efforts are especially necessary in Hawaii.
Finally, please thank the President for me, on behalf of the millions of people internationally
who have relied on my quarter century of advisements concerning the origin of emerging
diseases and their political and medical remedies.

Please tell the President that I honor his heroism in opposition to the Deep State and “fake
news” media, especially rebuking ‘skeptics’ who issue ad hominem attacks to discourage and
disparage truth seekers, truth tellers, helpful contributors, and life-savers.
Those who smear whistleblowers as foolish ‘conspiracy theorists,’ to defame and neutralize us,
are deadly to public health and safety, as evidenced by the neglect and smearing of my works
over the years that accurately predicted our current pandemic challenges.
If I can be of any further assistance to you in these matters, please feel free to contact me.

Sincerely yours,

Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA. MPH, DNM (hon.), DMM (hon.)

Medical Veritas International, Inc.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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