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Alternative Transportation

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11 Nov 2018 19:27 #3 by TheWatchman
Alternative Transportation was created by TheWatchman
I'm curious how many of you have thought about alternative forms of transportation. Jen and I have electric bikes. I have the 2 wheel bike and Jen has an adult trike due to her Cerebral Palsy. These will travel at 28MPH and have a range of 25-30 miles on a charge. We have a portable solar system in our bike cargo trailer to be able to recharge the batteries along with all of our other devices. Neither of us drives so this is our only transportation. I have been working the last week on outfitting them with lights. I'll update our progress soon. The picture I posted is pretty old actually. Lots of modifications have been made since then. We have 2 trailers. 1 double child trailer with modifications for our dog Blue and the other is a bicycle cargo trailer with a 180-pound capacity.

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28 Dec 2018 19:25 #9 by alm1071
Replied by alm1071 on topic Alternative Transportation
I don't know if any of my rambling even makes sense to others and the short of it is, I would  want small engine vehicles such as roto-tillers, go karts, etc. second would be a bicycle.

and onto the ramblings......

I to think of alt ways to be mobile,  mostly pertaining to emp or maybe fuel shortage.
so far this is the question list for me.
1: can it be fixed with common hand tools, no power tools, lifts, cranes, specialty tools, welders, etc?
2: fuel, how's it powered.  horse, human, sun, wind, generator electric, gas, diesel, wood, steam, etc etc?
    2a: how easy is it to make said fuel?
3: how easy are parts going to be found new or used in a event?
4: storing parts in case of emp,  large parts can be hard and expensive to shield?
5: can it do other work?
6: range before needing refuel or rest.
7: is it realistic in shtf  or prepper fantasy.
8: risk vs reward. is it going to cause injury due to f'ning off, aka having fun? we know injury is very bad in shtf. what about the noise factor you have it and no one else does could bring problems, 

at one time I to thought about bicycles, motorcycles, big ole K5 or some other big @zz truck or suv, which is what started my above list of reality.

1: bicycle, just human powered,
  good for: recon, searching, exploring, small carry loads with use of backpack, fairly quick and quite, easy to go around obstacles, light enough to pick up and lift over barriers. 
  bad: relies on humans ability and strength, if you're injured or have bad knees and/or back could be a problem. hard to carry large loads.
  Considerations: can be worked on with basic hand tools, but patching tubes could be a problem.  featherlight Stroller attachment could be used to increase load capacity, but it will come at greater cost of human fuel. 

2: big ole K5 or some other big @zz truck or suv.
  Good: can carry large loads, can go fast, has climate control {most likely}, can be used as a shelter from animals, storms, etc.
  Bad: Fuel to run it can be hard to produce/find in large enough quantities, poor MPG, probably going to be loud, if yours is the only one others will want it at most any cost.
  Considerations: Most basic repairs could be done with basic hand tools, could be converted to run on Alt fuel source alcohol, wood gas, veg oils if diesel, can pull large trailer.
3: motorcycle.
  Good: Fast and fun, not human powered, better at going around obstacles than a truck, better MPG than a truck
  Bad: limited on load carrying ability, loud, relies on fuel source, higher risk factor for major injury even with protective equipment, 
  Considerations: most basic repairs can be done with hand tools, Alt fuel source is unlikely, could be fitted with sidecar or small trailer.

4: small engines ie riding lawn mower, go kart, etc
  Good: can pull a small trailer, can munver around objects better than a large truck, Parts can be emp protected easier and on most engines affected components are easy to replace ans small enough to carry spares. most can convert to alt fuel source easier than larger engines, 
  Bad: Very Loud, In Most cases Slow, if you have the only one other will want it.
  Considerations: can be made to run faster, can be quieted down some{ but still Gonna be kinda loud due to most noise if from the block and not the muffler}, could build cab to protect from rain/ snow/ etc, in cold weather engine heat can be directed  back in to cab area {just be mindful of exhaust pipe}.

here's my choices and why.
1: bicycle. even with my bad back and knees it's faster than walking, plus I could push the bike with it loaded down, It doesn't need any fuel or electric, I could add the kiddie stroller behind it and carry a bit more if I were on roadways.

2: riding lawn mower. much easier to repair if damaged by emp and can carry/ store a lot of spare coils in case of multiple emp attacks over the following years to come, lets face it they're not going to "one and done" a emp attack there will likely be several more after the first one, small gasifier can be easily made for these small engines and they can run off alcohol (moonshine) by simple carb and choke adjustments, which also treads into number 5 of my questions list can it do other things- kinda, I can have multiple small engine tools like a rototiller ( would be nice to get a jump on tilling up new ground for getting that garden in for food , sure a mule and plow would be nice but lets face it most won't have this rite away it takes time to find and train a mule or horse), maybe I get a go kart and trailer to scavenge with would be faster than a riding mower, I don't need a full size truck to just run around locally, would be a waste of fuel,    

3: I would have a truck but only as a last resort kind of thing, maybe I need pack up and travel to another state or at least 30+ miles away from home.

4: as for the motorcycle it would just be a toy, unless fuel were to become readily available as it is today in which I would use it to travel around local or long.

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