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Japanese Earthquake

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02 Jan 2024 00:36 #6825 by NWP_Preparedness
Japanese Earthquake was created by NWP_Preparedness
Four people are confirmed to have been killed, the Kyodo news agency reports, and dozens of others have been injured. An unknown number of people are trapped beneath the rubble of collapsed buildings in several towns.

The 7.6-magnitude quake struck at around 16:10 local time (07:10 GMT) on Monday. Tsunami warnings were issued and later downgraded.

About 60 tremors have been recorded following the initial quake. A snowboarder on holiday in Japan's Hakuba Alps said his entire hotel room shook. Speaking to Reuters, Baldwin Chia said he was concerned about avalanches but hadn't received reports of any taking place. He said it was common to hear about earthquakes in Japan, but "you wouldn't expect to actually experience one".

Andy Clark, a Briton in Japan, described to the BBC a "scary afternoon and evening", as he was in the affected coastal city of Toyama when the quake hit. He said he "grabbed the sea wall to stay upright" before heading to a school roof for safety. Mr. Clark said it was proving "hard to get some sleep" due to the aftershocks.

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