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I'm keeping my jobs! I'm online instructor now, and CNA, email only! Yay

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31 Mar 2020 17:37 #3684 by Twinmom925
Well today was very interesting we had our we had our first online meeting with our school staff in. Because I work in PE I was opted to become technical staff and a support staff in place to reach out to parents and children just to say hi on a internet video chat we are working on that to make sure it's secure and also to Resource parents that have lost their jobs and let the district know how to keep the kids going and in also I am going to be able to continue my nursing position from home for an undetermined amount of time I am very grateful that I'm going to be able to keep both of my jobs because so many people cannot. I'm not looking forward to homeschooling my children because I do a lot better with my students in my own children I don't know why that is but it is that way so we're going to do the best we can as far as getting them to want to do their work from home I'm going to try to add in a lot of science and fun experiments and break up the day into three portions so that they're not just sitting there doing work I'm also not going to force them to get up in the morning I'm there are very much night children they're almost teenagers actually so I would encourage them to do their work from noon to maybe 10:00 at night in segments I'm hoping that this schedule will work because if it doesn't then I'm going to have to switch it to earlier part of the day and I don't think that they'll like me very much anymore hahaha. Our governor has put a shelter in place again today I just got my emergency alert on my phone and that is through May 1st I wouldn't be surprised if our governor Newsome decides to extend that farther because California is not far behind New York. In General going out for me at this point I am no longer going out by myself I saw several people carrying daggers and guns on their waste or Jean's, holsters in the last 2 or 3 days yeah and I do not feel comfortable whatsoever leaving for anything essential without my husband with me that may sound sexist but I don't care I do work out of the house one day a week for 4 hours but I'm debating whether that will continue or not the last time I left the house I was feeling very vulnerable and uncomfortable at work. I am also aware of that because certain of us are able to continue to work and continue to prepare and prep that many of us are suffering greatly and our attitudes in at least this community are starting to become to different clics should I say and in. I am being extremely precocious now because people are going to become desperate people are going to become violent people are going to Target those who have prepared and who are able to continue to work and pay their bills a sense of bullying has already occurred for me on on my phone I have people targeting me because my situation might not be as dire as theirs and they are not happy because their fancy lives have been turned upside down and they did not prepare. The governor here has set signs of a believe $500 as a fine if you are caught surfing or a park or other venues the first time they take down your name into their computer as a warning and then the second time is a $500 fine and the third is a arrest. We are also looking at whether or not our phones will be utilized for the infected I don't know if that will happen soon but I think if you get infected then you have to register your cell phone and then not infected people will have their phone beep if they get more than 10 ft near you I am not sure if that is going to pass here in California but it is been proposed I'm not sure how I feel about that I think it's a good idea but I also wonder how that would work. Please everyone let me know how you are doing and the different areas you live in and what your area looks like I am curious to see if others are going through similar situations as we are here in the Bay Area in California hope you guys have a great afternoon and if you have any other additional questions for me please post and I will try to answer them as I can okay

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04 Apr 2020 13:48 #3723 by trail
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