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DC-DC Buck boost voltage converters.

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25 Aug 2019 22:33 - 25 Aug 2019 22:43 #2176 by foreverhere
DC-DC Buck boost voltage converters. was created by foreverhere
DC-DC Buck boost voltage converters.

These are good for converting voltage up or down in several electronic/electrical projects.
They are pretty easy to use, just input and output connectors on them
Adjust the voltage and get the polarity right before you apply them to something :)

I have found the XL6009 chip with two coils to be good for smaller projects, i am talking about these ones, and the cheapest at the moment now is this but tomorrow prices might have changed so do a search yourself, search also for 2pcs, 3pcs and 5pcs and 10pcs, prices get lower often if buying more of them.
I dont know this seller but it seems he/she has alot of sales and good percent satisfied customers so migth be a honest one if i was to judge.

One get a few versions of these XL6009 ones, this shown here is the one with two black square coils most often marked 330 and it can convert voltage both up and down. The XL6009 ones with only one coil on it can only do boost function.
Its good to have a few of these on hand in case of repairing things.

These switching converters dont work very good with audio equipment becourse they make some noice.
So a analog/linear voltage regulator like the L78xx series (L7805 for 5 volt, L7812 for 12 volt and so on) chips are good for that purpose,
But one often does not get something with no compromise, they give better audio but use more power and get more hot and need a few capacitors to be used too and are not ready as is like the XL6009. Here is a typical schematic of a L7805 setup for charging a digital radio for example.
They can handle 35 volt as input, if needing more then the μA7824C version is said on the specs it can do 40 volt.
For audio the L78xx ones are a better way to go and one must compromise a little on how much power they use to get good sound instead.

The LM2596 chip is good if one wants a buck only converter, one also got a higher voltage version called LM2596HVS.

One can use a filter that smooth out the switching in XL6009 and LM2596, i has 20pcs of these filters but i has not been experimenting with those and dont know how good they are, maybe audio equipment gets usable with them but i doubt it.

If one want 5 volt for USB charging from a 18 volt solar panel then one can just use a 12-24 volt cigarette to USB adapter, its a easy way with no soldering.
I dont know if it is L78xx in them or if it is a switching power supply that regulate the voltage, i has not opened one, yet, perhaps i do some day, im curious :)

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06 Oct 2019 05:18 - 06 Oct 2019 05:20 #2326 by The Old Hobbit
Replied by The Old Hobbit on topic DC-DC Buck boost voltage converters.
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