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15 Jan 2021 16:04 - 20 Jan 2021 11:01 #5938 by trail
What-ifs was created by trail
For many years, people have remarked that parties seem connected, and politics seem staged. Pitting one against another who later are photographed having drinks together, shaking hands, playing golf. The real 2020 competition might not have been left against right.

Consider momentarily, why two US parties took extremes and resisted collaboration.

If January's chaos was premeditated outside of party lines, then externals and/or extremists were using civilian passion to reinforce their cause.

A decade ago, economists spoke of a global financial reset that was in the works. Most countries were in severe debt-- from floating funds, generated numbers, and printing money. They expected domino-falls of hyperinflation, globally.

It required drastic measures to overturn stable systems, and implement new procedures. Much resistance was already shown back then. Managing a correction would require collaboration on complete overhauls, which would disrupt daily commerce.

Countries are currently taking extreme measures, between Cvd quarantine and border conflicts and election troubles. Elevated tensions, new laws and limitations, new expectations.

Imagine if world leaders and UN had already negotiated global financial reset, surveillance budgets, makeshift residences during unrest, forces assigned to keep the peace. Imagine if certain US officials tried to relieve national debt by making deals with China, selling off property, ports, or control of regions.

When Trump was voted in, some felt he was selected and supported because he doesn't flinch when in debt, could smoothly maneuver through tight spots and continue to manage staff to accomplish ends. A tested voice in TV and books.
Half the country accepted these skills.

The real engine behind the conflict might be financiers and tech giants. Or competing countries that have worked for years to undermine, divide and conquer. Millions of propaganda employees, hackers, and trolls are positioned in companies and governments throughout the world. Ports have been bought and controlled by foreigners. Mines and real estate foreign-owned, stocks and bonds globally traded.

Why would US Congress delay approving new administrative heads? Maybe they know something else is on the docket.

If this grande finale was meant by two parties to overturn and bring on a new way of doing things...then any defiance is like fighting an inflated dragon.

Each individual can deftly find their way through the next steps, by looking a few feet ahead to what the world will bring and how it may appear. Some feel conviction to take front line approach, and that may be necessary to retain established systems.
A focus on tearing down draws negative attention; focus on building is how this forum began.

Consider that what appears rigid opposition, may be rooted in a long-needed correction to an overinflated economy.

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17 Jan 2021 15:50 #5945 by HarveyBlack
Replied by HarveyBlack on topic What-ifs
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