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3 Paths to VICTORY for TRUMP

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07 Dec 2020 04:11 - 07 Dec 2020 15:15 #5663 by HarveyBlack
3 Paths to VICTORY for TRUMP was created by HarveyBlack
3 Paths to VICTORY for TRUMP. Four if American Patriots have the guts for it....

Update, Pearl Harbor Day, December 07, 2020. ONE "Criminal Conspiracy" caught by NetCitizens!
People on the net have caught and identified the CROOKS!
Ralph Jones, Sr. (man in red), Ruby Freeman (LaRuby), and her daughter Shaye Ross.
4th not yet identified. State Farm vote tabulation Center, GA.
Ralf was also the one who faked the "water main break", shutting down vote counting for hours.
Ahhh Ha! CAUGHT!!! Tens of Thousands of Votes switched from Trump to Biden!!! HA! CAUGHT!!!


One, Court Cases.
Trump lawyers and private lawyers have serious court cases pending.
However, "Safe Harbor Day". However, Rudy tested positive for the Chinese Virus.
Despite over 1,000 Signed Witness Affidavits.....And video evidence....
Demoncrat or Bought or Blackmailed Judges are ignoring this.
It's a path, but I wouldn't get my hopes up.

Two, State and Federal Investigations. (What investigations? doh) (Is nearly ALL the Government CORRUPT?)
One can only hope there is a behind the scenes investigation going on,,,,
If so, Trump is holding his cards very tight to his chest.
What do you all think?
To me, Trump seems resigned to the loss, recently. Hmmm...
A glimmer of maybe in this
"Agents Raid Home in Maricopa County in Voter-Data Theft Investigation
Confiscate 8 Hard Drives, 3 Computers and a Bag of USB sticks


Three, Swaying the State Legislatures to VOTE IN their own Electors.
Has legal precedent.
Demoncrats are fighting HARD against this.
Six (6) States in play: Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvanian, and Michigan.
Three (3) States may FLIP: Arizona, Georgia, and Michigan.

That would put TRUMP OVER the 270 Threshold!!!

Four (4) Do American Patriots have the guts for it....?
MANY prepper and patriot groups are prepared and ready for action. Many MILLIONS too!!
Much is on the "low" Chat with your MAG or trusted friends in absolute secret.
But really, what do you all have to lose? If Demoncrats are allowed to STEAL THE ELECTION,
there will be no 2024 fair election. This will become the UNITED STATES OF CHINA.
Nothing to lose, and everything to gain....
Be ready for LEGAL ACTION.


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07 Dec 2020 16:36 #5664 by Fooglefan
Replied by Fooglefan on topic 3 Paths to VICTORY for TRUMP
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