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Video content warning. Protest Gov/Lockdown and cops retaliate with this.

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18 May 2020 04:20 - 18 May 2020 04:42 #4382 by HarveyBlack
Confirmed. Couple Protested Gov Corruption, Lockdown, said they would do hunger strike and stand against the Government. BAM!
Declared "Mentally Unstable" and Police arrest them at night. Thrown into Psyc Prison. Welcome to Communist Canada.

Gov was "confiscating" their property. Owners are "Conscientious Objectors." This is how it began in Nazi Germany!
Canada is an unsafe Country. In the past few weeks, 1500 types of guns/weapons Unilaterally, Illegally, Banned.
One Billion $$$ of Canadian tax payer money illegally given to Bill Gates. And now this. Video evidenced. Absolute Abuse of Power!
Canada is a Totalitarian Police State. Run by George Soros. Beware! Fight for your rights (wisely) in whatever Country you are in!
Form/Join a MAG or militia. Train Hard or $$$ support others. Build up other Preppers. Do a BOH. (PrepperNurse1 Homestead)
Time is running out everyone! Be Your BEST!!! They are coming for the Prepared FIRST.

Comment on what you are doing, could do, want to do, or your suggestions. Input people. Let's have INPUT. This is I.R.L

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