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NYC Cops Enforce Como's Orders by assaulting mom with child.

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14 May 2020 22:58 #4358 by HarveyBlack
Clear Video Evidence of NYC Cops Manhandling, Assaulting, mom with child
because they say, she was not wearing her mask properly???
The Cops clearly used FORCE and assaulted her first. Then they charge her. Can you say "Police State"? Huge Lawsuit!

Yet multiple Tw videos show Cops not wearing masks properly. No one arrests them or slams them to the ground?!
Another Tw video shows three NYC cops walking past a white woman - no mask - and do nothing....

Something is very wrong in the Police State of NYC.
After watching many Tw videos of NYC Cops Violently enforcing "social distancing" rules, the Evidence is clear.
Many Cops, and even a Commander, wear NO MASK, violating the rule themselves. What the heck NY???
NYC has become a Demoncrat Police State. Be Aware Everyone!

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15 May 2020 20:35 #4360 by AngelOne
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