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Food shortage has started in California, and Oakland ca closes streets

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11 Apr 2020 05:17 #3828 by Twinmom925
Well here in California especially the bay area, food banks are literally empty, and many stores are out of many items. The only way to get toilet paper is Amazon, unless you are having a really lucky day. Oakland ca is closed 74 miles of streets to cars, so people can walk around. Jails are reducing food to inmates. The church's are giving food to the community, although is that safe? I wouldn't take it. New rumors in California of herd immunity in California, and testing will be coming on that soon. Restaurants are barely made enough money to remain open due to high unemployment rates and fear to eat from a restaurant. Amazon not delivering food to anyone in California, only essentially masks, gloves, toilet paper, meds ect. All food orders delayed for a month at least. I ordered a new knife, pepper spray, and bb gun, and will be armed when going out alone or not. Desperate people are beginning to see the effects of unemployment, so us essential workers are at the highest risk, especially if food shopping. Women getting rubbed in grocery stores parking lots, for the food, not wallets, car ect. Pg&e reduced Bill's for California for April to keep power accessible. Schools handing out meals, but people coming with out kids, the desperation begins. The stress of everything begins to get worse, people behaving strangely, people talking to themselves in stores, cars, streets ect. The grocery stores are rapidly having employees get covid19, not reporting and reminding open, and not cleaning. The police are citing 500$ for being at parks, beaches, or even being out to much if you're plates run enough. The homeless allowed to be out, police ignore them, they allow them to continue on however they are living. I think that's it this week. I'm still working as a CNA & only 1 day a week now. Please honor the hospital workers, staff, home health care providers, and any one working In the health field. Please don't put yourself at risk, stay safe! Buy guys

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11 Apr 2020 13:44 #3830 by brads50
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