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Google & Apple phone tracking

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10 Apr 2020 21:48 #3825 by JackParr68
Google & Apple phone tracking was created by JackParr68
I am so dismayed over everything that is going on. Contractors hired to dispose of bodies. Where the heck are they disposing them to? The local dump? The river?
Apple and Google have come up with a tracking device for the virus? It says only with permission from the user But it says it could pick up the neighbor. Did they give their permission? Who the heck are they kidding?


Food isn't being restocked like they claim. Tried to do a pickup order today from walmart and almost everything I need is "out of stock". Toilet paper and Kleenex aren't even listed. (I don't need any Just curious)

They are going to let you go back to work even if you have the virus, but you'll have to wear a mask. Hellooo? That covers sneezing and coughing. What about sweat?
I don 't like what's going on at all!!
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11 Apr 2020 05:29 #3829 by Twinmom925
Replied by Twinmom925 on topic Google & Apple phone tracking
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