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Forum/Community Rules (02 Mar 2019)

This is the short and sweet version. Most of it is just common sense. We just want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.

We often think that Civil Unrest can't happen in our town.

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25 Aug 2022 01:59 #6421 by NWP_Preparedness
We often think that Civil Unrest can't happen in our town, yet we couldn't be more wrong. Civil Unrest can happen in any city, at any time. We need to be ready to Bug In if necessary due to the roads being impassable because of so many people in the roadway.

As a non weaponized Prepper, I put the duty of security onto other people in my MAG, and I handle the rest of the preps and their maintenance.

It really does go without saying the extremes some people would go to get what you have if it came down to it. I will be putting together a video on YouTube tomorrow showcasing what you can do from a non-weaponized standpoint in order to fortify your home Against possible attackers, so watch out for that video. For right now, I am going to catch some Z's.

Goodnight All.

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