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How is COVID-19 Affecting Your Prepper Group?

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16 Mar 2020 14:40 #3321 by Prepper416
I'm wondering how COVID-19 is affecting your prepper group. It seems to me that there are new considerations:

1. It's hard to know who has COVID-19 and who doesn't due to the lack of testing. Risking the infection of non-infected group members must be an important consideration if group bugout/bugging in plans get kicked into gear.
2. The serious risk of this becoming long-term might impact personal risk assessment decisions (i.e. we're all preppers, we could turn on each other if this is prolonged no matter how much trust there is among one another in good times).
3. Quarantine and other considerations (such as road closures) may impact the ability of group members actually meeting up at the designated location.

I'm personally not in a formal prepper group (although I probably could join a reliable one easily). I'm just wondering how this is affecting groups and wondering if they're just going to go online in places like this to share intel.
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