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15 Mar 2020 16:34 #3305 by brads50
GM, i want to take time to explain some things. dark days lie ahead. never has our nation faced such a problem. the virus is not a hoax made up by the DEM's to make TRUMP look bad. CHINA and the rest of the world is closing down. this includes IRAN, and ISRAEL. the virus is very real but it is not a normal virus.i believe it was an accident from a BIO LAB.
the MSM did not cover this as it closed WUHAN,CHINA. they have only started to cover it when actions were taken in the US.i have watched as this closed China and then Italy. as i write this much of EUROPE is shut down or being shut down. this includes schools ,bars,all entertainment,travel across borders,etc. grocery stores and pharmacies are about all that is open around the entire planet. the amount of $$ this is costing these countries is huge.

CHINA makes everything that the US uses. they are NOT making anything. that is why u see stores run out. it is only being noticed in TP cause there are more shelves with food than TP.meat has now ran out in many states. it can not be shipped without being packaged in plastic,boxes,or bottles. where do they come from? the trucks u see at P&G are not moving. they are waiting for something to halu. they have been at it for days. why did they not get a load from somewhere else to make $$?? there is nothing to haul. the wolrd is going out of business.

this virus spreads super fast.it does not make ppl sick quickly. this allows the person to think they are well and spread the disease for 2 weeks.there are cases of it being even longer.hence the #'s u see on the TV are not close to the reality. we do not have enuf beds and medical supply to handle this. the US government does not want to cause panic. however they are not cautioning ppl enuf.they have been too slow to act.

as hospitals become overwhelmed with patients they will have to make hard choices. this is happening in other countries already. in ITALY ,Dr's are not able to help everyone. anyone older than 60 or with helth problems is not even being helped. this is why the death at the moment looks to be mostly old ppl. cause they are being left to die as Dr's try to save the young.

yes i know this is somber and unreal. i am sorry but it is the truth. have u ever seen the entire world shut down? can u imagin how bad it had to be for a country like CHINA to stop its economy completely? or flights between all countries to stop? for NYC to close? look at what the governments have done not what they say.

ppl need to avoid ppl. stay home. get away from crowds. this means if u live in an old age home,run. go stay with relatives that are not out with other ppl. u must avoid catching the virus.there is no cur and will not be for some time. kids can carry this back to older ppl. again stay away from each other. that is all we can do and hope. what lies ahead is very bad and dark days. millions in the US will die. name 10 ppl,odds are 1 is going to die. that is only a 10% rate.. look at the # of sick from the world.it goers up yet the recovered # is not even close to it. can the hospital handle being full for a month?? who will treat the sick that come in next week and the week after? STAY AWAY FROM PPL. in some countries a large crowd is now down to about 50 ppl. no more family dinners.no NASCAR,no church even. THIS IS SERIOUS. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST TO AVOID GETTING THIS VIRUS. it is not a cold or FLU.

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16 Mar 2020 21:25 #3329 by JackParr68
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