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Hydroxychloroquine SAVES LIVES, but rejected/censored by Fake News/Fake Leaders

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31 Aug 2020 17:41 #5147 by PrepperBob
Hydroxychloroquine is PROVEN "safe", "effective", and SAVES LIVES. Thousands of times over.
But, Fake News, Fake Governments continue to SLANDER and CENSOR anyone with a Science based opinion.
All to support the Vaccine Manufacturers of a vaccine which WILL cause more HARM than good.
An unproven, untested, improperly developed, RUSHED, and to date there has NEVER been a successful vaccine against a CoronaVirus.

Hydroxychloroquine SAVES LIVES, and PREVENTS many from even getting the Chinese Virus.
To Censor, Slander, Attack the thousands of nurses and Doctors and Scientists who stand for the Science
that Hydrodychloroquine (with Zinc/Z-pack) is Safe and Effective to prevent/fight against the Chinese Virus,
well, msm and libtardists are murdering people. Much like Cuomo, Antifa.

Watch this latest video. It's a good one:

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09 Sep 2020 20:59 #5196 by Kansas Terri
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