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Stored canning supplies

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02 Jan 2019 00:53 #11 by alm1071
Stored canning supplies was created by alm1071
Anyone have an ideal on how many jars, rings, salt, etc should be stored per person for a full shtf event and I mean 100% on your own, no stores, run what ya brung for the next 20 years type of event, well ok maybe 10 years but still longer than a year or two. 

example of information i'm looking for per person-
Jars: 100 wide mouth quart size, 50 wide mouth pint size.
Rings: 150 widemouth and 150 regular size rings
lids: 3000 regular size and 3000 wide mouth lids
Reusable lids: 1000 each wide mouth and regular sizes.

Warning rambling part starts here....

 yes, I know what most will say which will be to start canning and using them now and you would know how much you need for the next 20 years and I agree I would. I work a lot hours, I'm single and I just don't have the space to build shelves to store full jars vs filling up a clothset with everything I would need, Something tells me if I store enough food for the first year I will have time to can (assuming I have the supplies), when I'm not working 14+ hours a day. 
 My long term plan is basically enough food that all my people can just lay low for the first 3 months, Do security shifts,. then 3 months and on, we would build infrastructure i.e. greenhouses, hydroponics,scavenge for batteries for solar etc, 

Depending on the time of year would decide on gardening and greenhouse building hopefully if it does happen it will happen around december or at least in the winter time so we can just lay low and let the masses that are robbing and killing die off(aka first 3 months). 

Just for clarification when i'm saying (we) I mostly mean me. noone wants to help prepare for even a minor shtf like tornado, let along a mega disaster. so I'm planning and storing enough for what I suspect my group size will be. Which means in my eyes they will be useless for the first year, until trained and coming to terms with what life will be like for the next decade. hence the food storage now so we can get through the first year and the first growing season. which depending on what time of year the event happens year could be cutting it close on canning.

so if shtf comes in late july you most likely won't be able to get a garden going and harvested by october and if somehow you did you're in that critical first 3 month period so you would only bring unwanted attention when people are starving. so your looking at over a year to start canning, Maybe even longer depending on the situation could be up to 2 years before first harvest if things are bad enough. 

My hope would be that I can start breaking ground and planting cool weather vegetables in late winter (around the end of March first of April for my area) That would survive the random cold and frosty nights with the help of hoops and clear plastic sheets. I'm still looking into what can survive the cold temps with only the help of covering in plastic.    


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16 Jan 2019 11:42 #17 by trail
Replied by trail on topic Stored canning supplies
I'm not an expert on canning, but in thinking through the same issue, I realized that sprouting might be the most efficient way of having fresh food available. Almost any seed can be sprouted. Kidney beans are toxic. There might be similar beans with problems, but most are said to be safe.

Sproutability decreases each year, as any seed would. It's easy to buy a variety of beans, lentils, barley, grains, alfalfa... and test a few seeds before labeling.

Sprouts are not filling, but provide nutrients we might not get with limited supplies. Sprouts do not require cooking fuel, sunlight, or refrigeration. (Watch for molds and yeast after a couple days.) They don't last long, but could be planted if no one eats them.

I am not very patient when boiling beans! And don't trust my own canning.

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