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canned meat prices noticed today 27 Feb

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27 Feb 2021 23:17 #5985 by stonyman002
canned meat prices noticed today 27 Feb was created by stonyman002
I went out today to do my weekly shopping for stuff that I need and to add to my preps. I have two brands of roast beef in my preps that I have been picking up a few cans each week. Dollar General brand which I prefer because it comes in a gravy and makes for an easy meal. And wal-mart store brand that comes in water. Both are the same size cans. Today there was no roast beef in any of three different dollar stores but I did notice the price change on the shelf. last week I picked up 5 cans for the normal price of 2.95 each, this week the price was 3.50 a can. I ask the clerk and she said they got no roast beef this week but they did get a memo to make sure the price change was made on the shelf before the next shipment arrived. I went to wal-mart and their cans of roast beef went up from 2.62 a can to 2,78 a can. Not as big a jump as the dollar general but wal-mart tends to raise their prices in smaller steps so it is not as noticeable. It will be interesting to see what theirs is next week. Also I like the dollar tree for some stuff. I like the Healthy Choice brand of beef vegetable soup. They were low on this flavor and I ask a guy stocking the shelf and he said they will not be carrying the vegetable beef any more and it will be replaces with just vegetable soup. I picked up their last 8 cans because this brand runs 2.00 to 3.00 a can at different stores and that's more than I want to pay for a can of soup. I called an army buddy that now works in the grocery wholesale business and he said any canned product with beef in it would be going up 25 to 40 percent by march.

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