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07 Jan 2020 00:48 #2553 by trail
Quik-clot was created by trail
Our family has had a few incidents where people had sudden deep cuts that bled profusely, and they were in such shock it was hard to get them to the hospital. So I invested (cents) in anti-hemorrhagic agents.

For squeamish kids and knee skinning, it's so much easier to sprinkle dry substance, than to apply a cream. gauze, or rinse.

We're all familiar with styptic pencils -- Anhydrous aluminium sulfate and astringent (witch hazel?). Astringents contract tissue to seal injured blood vessels. Vets use styptic powder. Very cheap! Surgical scissors/clamps can be dipped in the powder.

Chitosan (crustacean shells) bonds with platelets and red blood cells to form a gel-like clot which seals a bleeding vessel. It continues to function even when anticoagulants like heparin are present. Used in emergency hemostats for traumatic life-threatening bleeding, gel forms and functions continue Military, trauma units.

Quik Clot (R) --Kaolin and zeolite activate the coagulation cascade. Hemostatic dressing, pre-packaged, sold on Amz.
As powder, absorbs water in the blood, activating platelets. Zeolite beads added, which promote clotting and release heat.

All of these are found on Amz, but they were all hard for me to find in stores. Spending $10-20 can give you a good supply. Even if you are able to see a doctor, being able to stop bleeding quickly makes life a lot easier!

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