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blood pressure medications that fit prepper/shtf scenarios?

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17 Jun 2021 19:52 - 17 Jun 2021 19:54 #6070 by alm1071
before we start -everyone knows exercise, lower salt intake, bla, bla, bla this thread isn't about that.

high BP has been on my mind for sometime now and every time I search for BP meds side effects etc Google always tries to derail/sideline my search with dumb results like "what's the 4 best BP meds" "what's the 4 worst BP meds" or some other nonsense that has nothing to do with what I'm looking for, so here I am.

what I'm looking for is a list of all BP meds along with their side effects:

here's some specifics I'm looking for in a BP medication:
1- BP meds that can be rapidly stopped with minimum side effects . (ie shtf and you only have a week or 2 to wean off them)

2- meds that don't interact with potassium (ie shtf and now you can't be a picky eater or if you have to start taking potassium iodide tablets)

3- no meds that other countries have banned (not shtf ,but if your in another country and your BP meds are lost/seized you don't have to suddenly change)

4- no dietetics (shtf or not I don't have time to stop and pee all the time, let alone the fluid loss)

5- nothing with high rate of trashing kidney's or liver

I don't know of anything else at this time.

anyways if anyone can point me to some websites that list useful BP medication information or maybe specific meds you've tried, liked, disliked etc? it would be greatly appreciated :)

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20 Jun 2021 10:37 #6078 by JackParr68
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