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Forum/Community Rules 02 Mar 2019

This is the short and sweet version. Most of it is just common sense. We just want to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for everyone.
Ok folks. I suppose its time to do something I have been dreading. Its time for me to set the rules for the website.

I want to ensure you this is being done out of pre-emptive action and not as a result of any issues we have been having.

I myself hate rules. So we will keep them very short and sweet.

1) Please do not spread hate. This includes attacking anyone on the forums/community personally. It also includes hatred of other races, nationalities, religions, etc, etc. You get the point.

2) Spirited debate is welcomed and encouraged. I am probably one of the strongest 1st Amendment supporters you will find. The 1st amendment along with our other rights isn't about what one can do themselves but instead about the rights you are willing to defend for others. The 1st amendment, however, does not apply to the aforementioned hate speech.

3) This is probably my favorite rule. I (being a website administrator and moderator) am not above you. You will see me from time to time speak up and challenge people and ideals. Although I am a pretty busy person and don't have a ton of time to spend in conversation I will participate here and there. I read every single forum topic and reply posted however to ensure safety and decency. I want everyone to understand that if I differ in opinion on a matter that you will NEVER have to worry about being censored or banned from the website because of a difference of opinion/ideals.

4) Lastly for now we have to address spamming/sales however it has not been an issue up to this point. I have the forum settings set so that you can share links. It is set that way so that we can all be students and teachers and we can help each other out by providing links to products or information related to the topic at hand.

If you have a website of your own you are welcome to share that link. The only thing this rule is really referring to is someone trying to set up a personal store on the Preppernurse1 platform. This should be common sense and for understandable reasons. That being said if you are discussing a particular topic and someone asks where they can get a particular item, by all means, link them to that item. The entire purpose of this forum and community is to help others grow in their preparedness journey and it will all be provided free of charge always.

As many of you know Ed sells Legacy Foods and some merchandise (which I need to get busy and add more to) to offset any website costs. We are entering a phase of the website where these costs will start mounting up because there is so much participation that it is worth the investment.

I have an Amazon affiliate link in the store menu. If you are so inclined and shop Amazon please use that link. I will be using some of the proceeds from that myself to put back into the website. I have currently about $100 worth of addons I want to invest in to make the site look and function better. Including replacing the God awful mobile menu we have. I don't expect PN1 to cover the cost of all these things because some of them I will use on my website as well.

Ok, I think that wraps it up at this point. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions feel free to speak up.

Most importantly THANK YOU for being here!!!